People of Faith Petition of Support for the #WNC9

WNC Faith Leaders Urge Rep. Meadows and Senator Thom Tillis to support the WNC9

Rev. Tami Forte Logan
Missioner Faith 4 Justice – Asheville
Cathedral All Souls Episcopal Church
9 Swan Street
Asheville, NC 28803

Dear Congressman Meadows and Senator Thom Tillis,

As a people of faith, you already know that Christian and Jewish teachings warn us not to “… oppress the widow, the orphan, the immigrant, or the poor; and [to] not devise evil in your hearts against one another.’ (Zechariah 7:10)”

Faith 4 Justice Asheville is a collective of taxpaying clergy and faith leaders from twelve congregations, seven denominations, two synagogues and justice ministries across Asheville. As our congressional representatives, we want you stop the process of detaining and deporting the following men, return them to their families.

Luis Alberto Roblero Cifuentes (A#207-666-355)
Elias Isarael Garcia Delfin (A#213-003-525)
Aaron Gomez Peña (A#200-717-692)
Juan Manuel Guardian Romero (A#231-002-495)
Enrique Perez Ruiz (A#213-002-513)

As we learn the stories of these men, they are all too familiar. Much like American born citizens we minister to in our churches, they struggle with unemployment, underemployment, depression, alcoholism and other chronic diseases every day. These men don’t need detainment and deportation, they need spiritual and emotional support, treatment and medication.

Furthermore, when these sons and fathers are stripped from their families, detained and deported, it is not only a violation of their human rights, and a destruction of the institution of family, but it is not an effective use of our tax paying dollars. In fact, it is a misuse and abuse of taxpayer’s dollars when they are used to criminalize people for their human condition.

As they struggle to cope with these symptoms of systemic oppression and poverty, the constant threat of deportation exacerbates the problem. We need these men back in our communities working, providing for their families and raising their children to become contributing members of our society. Detaining and deporting them destroys their families, the well-being and safety of all of our communities and unnecessarily depletes federal and local financial resources that could be used to build disenfranchised communities.

Thank you for your leadership and we are counting on you to do what is right in the eyes of God.


Rev. Tami Forte Logan, Faith 4 Justice Asheville

Additional Signers:

The Rev. Dr. Richard Coble, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

The Rev. Dr. Marcia Mount Shoop, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Tami Forte Logan, Pharr Chapel AME Zion

Kim Buchanan , First Congregational United Church of Christ, Asheville

Holly Roach Knight, Transform Network

Rabbi Justin Goldstein, Congregation Beth Israel

Milly Morrow, The Cathedral of All Souls

Stephen Roach Knight, Transform Network / Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Batsheva Meiri, Beth HaTephila

Mark Siler, Haywood Street Congregation

Amanda Hendler-Voss, Hope United Church of Christ

Corey Brown, St Luke Church (Gainesville, GA)

Rev. Debbie Early, New Creation

Brian Ammons, Chaplain, Warren Wilson College

Margaret Blumberg, Pilgrim United Church of Christ

Nancy Sehested, Circle of Mercy Congregation

Mark Ward, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville

Cindy Buckley, Queen of the Apostles Roman Catholic Church

Mahan Siler, Circle of Mercy

Greg Hathaway, New Hope Baptist Church

Sarah Buckner, New Hope

Melody Pajak, Land of the Sky UCC

Rev. Amy Cantrell, BeLoved Asheville


Sara Wilcox, Land of the Sky UCC

Greg Walker Wilson, Circle of Mercy

Keaton Hill, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, Elder

Rev. Samantha Gonzalez-Block, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Darryl Dayson Berry, Temple United Methodist Church

Katherine Rouse, Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church

Ron Katz, Jubilee! Community

Patricia Bacon , Calvary Presbyterian Church (USA)

Laurie Chess, Congregation Beth Israel

Toby Ives, Warren Wilson Presbyterian

Joan Grant, St John’s Episcopal Church, Asheville, NC

Jan Brunk, GCPC

Greta Anderson, Bahá’ís of Asheville

Kelley Griffith, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Rebecca Sharp, The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, Mars Hill NC

Leigh Condie, St. Eugene Catholic Community

Robin Gaiser, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Mary Berg, Grace Covenant Presbyterian

Frederick Hudson, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

S. F. James Abbott, Episcopal Diocese of Western NC

Todd Donatelli , The Cathedral of All Souls

Robert Magnus, Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit

Ellen Fisher, Congregation Beth Ha’Tephila

Joshua Lunde-Whitler, South Acton Congregational Church , Acton MA

Charles Davidson, Calvary Presbyterian Church, Asheville, NC

Guadalupe Montoya, Iglesia Bautista Getsemani

Rev. Debbie Early, New Creation church

Rev. H. Byron Ballard Mother Grove Goddess Temple

O.C. Edwards, Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, Mas Hill, NC

John Clark, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Ethan Vesely-Flad, Fellowship of Reconciliation

Denise Snodgrass, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, Asheville

John Campbell, Ordained clergy with the Presbytery of North Carolina

Nancy Kramer , Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

John Laughlin, Presbytery of Western North Carolina

Kate Shem, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Anne Stokely, Grace Covenant Presbyterian

Sandy Brauer, Warren Wilson Presbyterian church

Laura Beach, Boone UMC

anita brown, Circle of Hope

David McNair, The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, Mars Hill NC

The Rev. Deacon Michael Ashmore, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Asheville

Venerable Kristi Neal, Episcopal

Gordon Gaiser , Grace Covenant Presbyterion, Asheville