About Us


Welcome to CIMA

The Compañeros Inmigrantes de las Montañas en Acción (CIMA) connects, strengthens and organizes communities to take action for immigrants’ rights in Western North Carolina.

CIMA strives for inclusive communities with justice, freedom, and equality for all.


CIMA believes grassroots communities have the wisdom and experience to direct their future

CIMA believes that the coalition is best guided by full participation of its members

CIMA believes that all people should be treated with respect and dignity

CIMA believes in equal opportunities, equal rights and in fair and just laws

CIMA believes in the strength of diversity and multi-lingual spaces


Stop anti-immigrant laws and policies, including state-wide hate bills and police-ICE collaboration.

Obtain equal access to drivers’ licenses in North Carolina.

Stop workplace abuse and mobilize for workplace justice.