Business Petition in Support of #WNC9

A Letter from WNC Businesses

Dear Congressman Meadows and Senator Thom Tillis,As business owners in Western North Carolina, we are writing to express our concern and anger about the April 2018 ICE activity in WNC, and to ask both of you to immediately intervene on behalf of the members of our community who were detained.

This situation has had a negative impact on businesses, and has caused unnecessary trauma for many families. By creating a climate of fear and uncertainty, ICE caused reliable workers to miss work and regular customers to avoid leaving their homes to make purchases, impacting the bottom line for many of us. By detaining workers, ICE is creating hardships for employers, as well as for the families those employees support.

Buncombe County is not new to ICE raids; in 2008 over 30 workers were taken by surprise at the Mills Manufacturing. In 2012, Shogun Restaurant was raided, causing them to lose 12 workers. These businesses and workers did not receive any support from elected officials in the aftermath of those stressful disruptions. We are now in the aftermath another disruption. During the week of April 14, from Yancey County all the way to Burke County, our immigrant neighbors were threatened, and 26 community members were picked up by ICE and placed into custody. This is an opportunity for you to take right action where your predecessors failed.

Our understanding is that you consider yourselves pro-business. As our representatives, we are asking you to call ICE to task for creating economic and emotional upheaval in our community. Please use your positions to return the detainees to their jobs and families as soon as possible.

Signed by the following business owners:

Ami Worthen, Ami Worthen Communications

Julio Tordoya, JMPRO Services

Cam MacQueen, THE BLOCK off biltmore

Luis Serapio, Descubre Asheville

Sara Legataki, Honeypot

Elizabeth Schell, Purl’s Yarn Emporium

Cynde Allen, Youth OUTright, WNC

Cynde Allen, WNC Community Center

Claudette Silver, Silver Muse Productions

Kim Roney, Roney(ED)

Rosetta Buan, Rosetta’s Kitchen

Evar Hecht, Paul Taylor Leather

julie stehling, King Daddy’s Chicken and Waffle

Jason Krekel, Krekprints

Casey Campfield, The Crow & Quill

Jessica Tomasin, Echo Mountain Recording

Jodi Rhoden, Vision + Vocation Consulting

Erin Hardy, The Recovery Studio

Ariel Shumaker, Ariel Shumaker, MPH/LCSW, PLLC

Elly Wells, Elly Wells Inc.

Natalie Pollard, Villagers

Jay Weatherly & Kim Hunt, High Five Coffee

Jen Chandlee, Luminous, LLC

Angela Riddle, Riddle Landscaping an Greenery

Nancy Allen, Recipe for Serenity

Kassie Morgan, Shining Rock Acupuncture

Jamie Wade, Sand Hill Kitchen

Catherine Campbell, Bright Planning

Eric and Beth Shapiro, Your Place or Spine?

Al Murray, Steeltoe Sunshine, LLC

Trey Scott, Watch Pitch, Inc.

Lakota Denton, Lakota R. Denton, P.A.

David Voorhees, Voorhees Pottery

Diane Wilson, BL Corpe of NC

Jennifer Addis, Habitat Brewing Company

Danielle Maxon, Under Wing Therapeutic Services, PLLC

Tamara Feightner, Tamara L. Hanna PLLC

Elizabeth Gillette, Heirloom Counseling

Katie Roberts, Katie Z Roberts Therapy

Greg Walker Wilson, Walker Wilson Consulting

Kendall Hale, Sharon Spring Wellness Retreat

Jessica Mark, Happy Body

Aine Patricia Dee, Wealth Reimagined, Inc. and Vision Mapping, inc.

Linda Newman, Wellsprings Institute

Connie Matisse, East Fork

Kassie Morgan, Shining Rock Acupuncture

Jackie Fitzgerald, Cenzontle, LLC

Loretta Booher Asheville City Schools