Alan is moving on.

We are excited to announce that Alan L. Ramirez will be moving on to work with another great organization in the south, SONG –Southerners On New Ground.

While CIMA is sad to lose such an amazing organizer and individual, we know that this is a great move for the south region.  During Alan’s time with us, we were able to raise the organization’s capacity and because of the passion and vision he brought we have been able to move further in involving more community members to fight for immigrant rights in the area.

We wish him the best of luck in this new chapter and we are excited that Alan has decided to continue in the capacity of a volunteer in the CIMA family!

In the next week, we will be announcing the new CIMA staff that will be working with us and bring more capacity to CIMA’s work.


Launching Make Asheville Safe campaign

State your solidarity with immigrant and refugee communities by committing in visible ways! Introducing the #MakeAshevilleSafe campaign by CIMA-Compañeros Inmigrantes de las Montañas en Acción.

We believe that in this political moment, we must all rise up against violence brought into our community. Citizens of asheville must protect one another by keeping families together and providing protection from unjust immigration enforcement. Currently we are facing an administration that is determined to crack communities through unconstitutional policies and fear mongering, both on the regional and national level!

Deportation Free Zone

Take a step towards allyship by committing to #MakeAshevilleSafe and signing your business onto CIMA’s initiative, by pledging to:

  1. Not allow law enforcement or Immigration Customs Enforcement Agents (ICE) into your business for the sole purpose of checking the immigration status of anyone inside.
  2. Stand in solidarity with refugee and immigrant communities and publicly oppose raids and deportations by posting a DEPORTATION FREE ZONE sticker.
  3. Not stand for anti-immigrant rhetoric within your business, by the proposed North Carolina legislation, and throughout the city of Asheville.

To read the commitments and sign up, click here or follow our website.

Si Se Puede!

EL CAMINO continues this year!!

A collaborative of grassroots organizations in WNC working on the front lines hand-in-hand with the Latinx immigrant community to respond to the myriad immediate threats as a result of the new political environment. We want to thank all the participants that are involved this year. We hope that this CAMINO will help grow our movement and deepen the issues that most impact and are important to our communities.

Welcome Alan Ramirez to CIMA!!


**In English Below

Estamos emocionadxs de anunciar a Alan Luis Ramirez  como parte del personal de CIMA, Alan ha sido recientemente traído como organizador comunitario para CIMA.

Alan es de Hendersonville, NC y espera agregar al movimiento de derechos de lxs inmigrantes del Oeste de Carolina del Norte, a través de interseccionalidad y alentado líderes que vienen de comunidades directamente afectadx. Alan pelea por justicia transformativa en Asheville, trayendo su corazón, carisma y pasión al espacio que está presente. Recientemente graduado de la Universidad de  Appalachian State donde estudio Medios Electronicos & Radiofusion. También trae conocimiento y talentos organizativos a la organización. Como un miembro del 2016 con IGNITE NC, el organizo a estudiantes en el colegio de UNC-Asheville para apoyar causas locales y nacionales. Colaboro con Democracy NC para registrar y entrenar defensores votantes durante voto anticipado y el dia de electiones; empodero a estudiantes a crear cambios perdurables en su campus o universidad por acción directa, charlas y marchas.

Es por eso que queremos darle la bienvenida a Alan en la organización y las gracias por el amor y pasión que tiene para la comunidad del Oeste de Carolina del Norte.

Gracias Compas.

Personal de CIMA.

**In English**

We are excited to announce Alan Ramirez as part of CIMA’s staff; Alan has been recently brought on as a community organizer for CIMA.

Alan is from Hendersonville, NC and hopes to add to the Immigrants’ Rights Movement in Western NC, through intersectionality and uplifting leaders who come from communities that are directly impacted.  Alan fights for transformative justice in Asheville, bringing his heart, charisma and passion to every space that he is present. He has recently graduated from Appalachian State University where he studied Electronic Media & Broadcasting. Also brings knowledge and organizing skills towards the organization. As a 2016 IGNITE NC fellow, he organized students on UNC-Asheville’s campus to support causes locally and nationally.  Collaborated with Democracy NC to register and train Vote Defenders during early voting and Election Day and empowered students to create lasting change on their campus or university through direct action, teach-ins and rallies.

We would like to welcome Alan to the organization and thank him for the love and passion that he has for the Western North Carolina community.

Thank you Compas.

CIMA’s Staff