Know Your Rights

We know that during this political climate, when hate, white supremacy and racism are more present than ever, not only in the White House but also in our state and in the entire country. It’s important for us to Know our Rights as individuals and human beings to be able to exercise them and as community members be able to make strategic decisions when faced with law enforcement and ICE.

The following are links from NDLON, which we feel are good tools to use and have during these times. They walk you step by step on what to do in case you are arrested by ICE/police, how to interact with ICE/police and somethings to prepare yourself and family.

The series contains 7 popular education pamphlets that explain the rights of the undocumented and their allies under different scenarios:

  1. KYR General Know Your Rights Sheet Single
  2. General Know your Rights extended version
  3. What to Do if ICE Shows Up at Your Home
  4. What to Do if ICE Stops You in the Street or in a Public Place
  5. What to Do if ICE Shows Up at Your Workplace
  6. What to Do if You Are Arrested
  7. What to Do if A Loved One is Arrested