#WNC9 Petitions for Support

Faith 4 Justice, a collective of multi-faith and ecumenical clergy took the lead in calling for compassion and justice for the #WNC9 and all the families affected by the raids in April.

“As a people of faith, you already know that Christian and Jewish teachings warn us not to “… oppress the widow, the orphan, the immigrant, or the poor; and [to] not devise evil in your hearts against one another.’ (Zechariah 7:10)”

“As business owners in Western North Carolina, we are writing to express our concern and anger about the April 2018 ICE activity in WNC, and to ask both of you to immediately intervene on behalf of the members of our community who were detained.

This situation has had a negative impact on businesses, and has caused unnecessary trauma for many families. By creating a climate of fear and uncertainty, ICE caused reliable workers to miss work and regular customers to avoid leaving their homes to make purchases, impacting the bottom line for many of us. By detaining workers, ICE is creating hardships for employers, as well as for the families those employees support.”

Michael S. Smith, a Social Studies Teacher at McDowell County Schools led the charge to get this petition for educators to voice their support for families impacted by the raids in April.

“As a public school educator who, over the past decade and a half, has taught and interacted with immigrant families daily – both within and outside of the school setting, I express intense frustration and authentic sorrow over the recent activities imposed upon immigrant families, regionally and nationally. The April raids of the present year were extremely contrary to the spirit of this nation. I appeal to you on the behalf of like-minded educators who beg your beneficent consideration on those in our district who currently face deportation.”