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Our Team

Bruno Y. Hinojosa Ruiz

I am a first generation immigrant, from working Mexican immigrant parents who continue teaching me much about compassion, hard and laborious sacrifice to strive on a daily basis. I like nature and history – history because it’s important to know not only where you come from, but also how one connects with other minds and worlds. I begin organizing in North Carolina in 2010 as an undocumented person with Nuestro Centro, a grassroots organization that was my organizing home for years; there I learned ways to defend my community. I believe in the knowledge and leadership that people bring from their experiences and from movements that they have been part of. In 2013, I was given the opportunity to be CIMA’s Co-Director, since then I have followed the vision and mission to protect, and create spaces for organizing communities to defend ourselves against poli-migra (local law enforcement and ICE) and anti-immigrant laws.

Ernesto A. Tocoa

Community Outreach
I am from the State of Veracruz, Mexico. My father was a teacher for over 35 years, and therefore I studied in different communities, an experience which greatly shaped the person I have become. At the age 17 I moved to the Mexican border of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, where I worked for an automotive parts company. Currently I live in WNC where I have been for 20+ years, mostly working in construction. I formed a family with a great woman, and we have three children who we educate with values and love. As a part of the immigrant community, I’ve been organizing with CIMA for over seven years, which I truly enjoy. 

Gabriela (Gaby) Escobar

Consulta Tu Compa Resource & Referral Specialist
I am originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala. I came to the United States at the age of 20, knowing little English. My first job here, which I had for many years, was as a banquet cook. Over time, I taught myself to speak and read English because I did not want to be left behind. Since the moment I could finally understand English, if anyone asked me to accompany them to an appointment where there was a language barrier, I would accompany them. I like to help people navigate systems because I also began the same way, without knowing anything about living in the US. Now that I have the opportunity with Consulta Tu Compa to be able to help the Latinx community, which I am excited to do. It is very satisfying for me to help my community overcome barriers. 

Dulce Morales Mino

Community Outreach
I am originally from Mexico, in the State of Puebla. I am the youngest of 3 children – my father is a blacksmith and my mother works as a domestic worker and also is a talented craftsperson. I am proud to have such creative and hardworking parents. While in Mexico, I studied communication science – skills I am now applying with CIMA. I came to the United States at the age of 19 and have worked in different areas, including in radio as an announcer and producer. I also worked in fast food, in an office, and with a cell phone company. I have always liked reading, photography, music and above all being in contact with people. I love animals and have dogs, birds and fish. Though I always believed that I would not have children, now I have two; I hope to do my bit to give them a better world. I consider that my mission in life is to leave a positive mark on the people around me – that is why being part of CIMA is important to me.

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