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Transportation and Volunteer aid:

We need to expand our capacity to meet the needs of our community and the affected families. If you would like to support this effort of liberation, resistance, anti-oppression, justice and transformation with your time and skills, please fill out the forms in these links accordingly:

Become a Verifier Application

General Volunteer Form

Transportation Aid Form

Our community has come together to support the immigrant community in tremendous ways since the week long ICE raids from last April (2018). Hundreds of people have come out to support press conferences and vigils, gathered resources and provided direct support to families. We raised over $60,000 in a week, which was amazing and- unfortunately barely made a dent in the financial burden of the families impacted by the raids. We quickly dispensed nearly all of the money raised in April, sending $2,000 to each of the 28 detainees to support them and their families. However the effects in their families are far from over. The financial impact of something like this echoes for years to come. From losing their main source of income to expensive legal fees, accessing basic needs, mental health care, etc., these families need your support.

Donate to the WNC Sanctuary Movement Fund. 

Other ways to step in:

Be a Padrino and Sponsor a Detainee:

Connecting faith communities or other organized groups to become Padrinos (‘God Parents’) of individual detainees helps to meet the unique needs of each family and build relationships that journey together through the needs of the detainee and their family.

Bond Fund:

Raising funds that can be used by detainees to get out of detention and back with their family while they fight their case. Once their case concludes, the money goes back into the fund for someone else. This is a long term solution to a an immediate need, to help detainees fight their cases from the outside. This fund will be an ongoing resource to the community in the future.

Donate to the Bond Fund.

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